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what are the benefits of Having a Website Statistics: Key Numbers

75% of people base their first impression of a business on its website.

Small Businesses that use their websites to connect with customers see an average 15–50% growth in revenue.

50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) is all it takes to form an opinion about your website.

97% of customers say websites influence their purchases.

91% of customers visited a store after interacting with an online website.

84% of consumers believe a business’s website is more credible than its social media page.

94% of first impressions of a website are design-related.

86% want product and service information on a website’s homepage.

97% of people learn about a local business online.

57% of internet users will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website.

44% of website visitors will leave if there is no contact information.

Small businesses that use their websites to connect with customers see an average 15-50% growth in revenue.

Here is a list of top benefits of having a website.

• Expand your reach

• Build trust and credibility

• Looks more professional

• Business stays open 24/7

• Attracts new customers and reaches new markets

• Provides value to your customers

• Generates leads and sales

• Increases brand awareness and promotes your business

• You can get feedback from customers

• Get free advertising by creating a blog

• Reduced marketing costs (ROI)

• Showcases your expertise

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In today’s digital world, it is crucial to stay connected with your customers and prospects to leverage new markets and expand your business. Statistics show that approximately 4.57 billion people worldwide are active internet users, comprising 59 percent of the global population. Within this online community, 53 percent perform research before connecting with a brand to ensure they are making the right decision.

A study from Episerver also found that 92 percent of consumers visit a brand’s website with multiple intentions other than buying.

These include product/service research, comparison shopping and business review. This data proves consumers do not purchase on impulse.


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